If you have any questions or queries please email them to us. These are a few questions frequently asked by Muslim consumers.

Q. Is it permissible to consume the owl?

A. The owl is Haraam to consume.

Q. It is very good that some answers are given in light of the teachings of the Imaams and allows one to be satisfied in terms of ones following a code of Islamic teaching. I have recently travelled overseas and found Muslims eating sea turtles in the country I visited. I am Hanafi, so would it have been Halaal for me to eat?

A. The turtle whether it lives on land or in water, is forbidden according to the Shafi’ee and Hanafi Schools of Thought. According to the Hambali and Maliki Schools it is permissible to eat the sea turtle after slaughtering it.  However, regarding the turtle that lives on land, they are prohibited according to the Hambali School. It would therefore be forbidden for you as an adherent of the Hanafi School of Thought to consume the sea turtle. And Allah knows best. 

Q. Whilst I understand that is a difference of opinion between Ulama concerning gelatine, it would be appreciated if you could give me a list of prominent Ulama that accept gelatine as Halaal?

 A. Jazakallah for your question.  The Ulama council of the NIHT is unanimous that gelatine from permissible animals are Halaal.  Please find hereunder a list of the Ulama and professionals that accept gelatine as Halaal.



 Name                                               Organization                                             Remarks


Mufti Abdul Malik Misbahi        Idaara Misbaahul Quraan - UK           Metamorphosis occurs, hence HALAAL


Mufti Akbar Hazarvi                 Darul Uloom Pretoria (NIHT)               Metamorphosis occurs, hence HALAAL


Mufti Radaaul-Haq                   Darul Uloom Zakariyya                        HALAAL  


Mufti M Ashraf                          Jaameah Mahmoodiya                    Metamorphosis occurs, hence HALAAL


Mufti Fayaaz-ul-Rahim            Darul Uloom Newcastle                        Metamorphosis occurs, hence HALAAL


Mufti A K Hoosen                Channel Islam International                HALAAL


Mufti Afzal Elias                       Representing Radio Islam                   HALAAL


Mufti A W Rahmani                  Darul Uloom Newcastle                        Metamorphosis occurs, hence HALAAL


Mufti R Ludhyaanwi                  Darul Ifta Wal Irshaad                        HALAAL


Mufti Taki Usmani                   Member: Intl Fiq Academy                  HALAAL


Mufti Liaquat Ali Amod            Khatib: Brent Mosque - UK                 Metamorphosis occurs, hence HALAAL


Dr Moulana Abbas Khan          Sunni Jamiatul Ulama of SA               Metamorphosis occurs, hence HALAAL


ML. Burhaanuddin                    Nadwatul Ulama                                  Metamorphosis occurs, hence HALAAL


ML. Yusuf Karaan                    Muslim Judicial Council                      Metamorphosis occurs, hence HALAAL


Dr Rashid Bhika                      B.Sc (Pharm) Betabs                           Metamorphosis occurs, hence HALAAL


Dr Patel                                    B.Sc (Chem)                                        Metamorphosis occurs, hence HALAAL


Dr Mohammed Loonat             Senior Lecturer of Chemistry              Metamorphosis occurs, hence HALAAL


Dr Kader Hoosen Ali                Kuwait Hospital                                   Metamorphosis occurs, hence HALAAL


Dr B Cole                               M.Sc (Agric) (FOOD SCIENCE)            Metamorphosis occurs, hence HALAAL


Prof Hawari                             Retired Prof. Univ. of Damascus          Metamorphosis occurs, hence HALAAL




Q. Does Kelloggs Cereal contain Gelatine?


A. Please be advised that Non of the Kelloggs Cereals contain any Gelatine and the entire range of Kelloggs has been Halaal certified by the NIHT.


Q. Is the Nandos at the OR Tambo airport Halaal ?


A. The Nandos at the OR Tambo International Terminal and Domestic Terminal have both been Halaal certified by the NIHT.


Q. Is the Pick n Pay Trade Route Mall Halaal ?


A. Yes the Pick n Pay Trade Route Mall Lenasia Butchery, Bakery & Deli is certified halaal by the NIHT and is under full time Muslim supervision.


Q. Which Royco Products are Halaal ?


A. All Royco products manufactured in South Africa bearing the NIHT Halaal Logo are certified Halaal by us. No Non-Halaal ingredients are used in the manufacture of their products.


Q. Is there any animal or alcohol content in Nando’s sauces?


A. No. absolutely not. All Nandos’ s sauces are water or vinegar based. Furthermore, tests by Independent Food Technologists have confirmed that no alcohol or animal derivatives are used in any Nando’s spices or sauces. Finally, a full disclosure of ingredients has been made to the NIHT by Nando’s.


Q. Please explain which seafood is permissble and which not?


A. According to the Shafi'ee, Maliki and Hambali schools of thought, it is permissible to consume any seafood that exists or lives in water even if it does not have the appearance of a fish. According to the Hanafi school of thought it is not permissible to consume seafood that does not resemble a fish, the exception being the hagfish. An exception in the Hambali school of thought is the watersnake because according to them it is impure.


 Q. Thank you for your answer on seafood. I have another question and I hope you can help. Is it true that the locust is Halaal? Also, what is locust bean gum?


A. The Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam is reported to have said: “Permissible for us are two un-slaughtered and two bloods, the fish and the locust and the liver and the spleen”. It is permissible to consume the locust according to all four schools of thought. However, the Maliki school states that it is not permissible to consume the locust except if one, when catching it, makes the intention (Niyyah) to take its life and if the locust is found dead then it is not permissible to consume.


 Locust bean gum, or LBG, is a textural ingredient derived from the seed of the leguminous carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua), which grows in Mediterranean countries.


 Q. Insects are Haraam. what happens if while eating fruit, I eat a worm that is in it. Have I eaten Haraam? 


A. The following are the rulings of the four schools of thought regarding worms in fruits:


Hanafi: It is permissible to consume the worm into which no soul was blown (lavae), however the worm that had life will not be acceptable for consumption whether it is alive or died.  Likewise, this ruling applies to mites as well.


Shafi'ee: It would be permissible to eat cheese or fruit with the worms if they have originated therein. Bees mixed with honey will not be acceptable for consumption unless the bees are completely shredded therein.


Hambali: It is permissible to eat worms or mites along with what is being eaten.  It is however, not permissible to eat worms or mites on their own.


Maliki: Worms born in food, like the worms found in fruit and apricots can be eaten categorically without elaboration.  And if it is not born of food and it is not alive, then it is obligatory to intend to take its life according to the requirements of Shariah. 


And Allah Knows Best!


 Q.What is the ruling regarding eating insects other than locusts and worms in fruit?


It is forbidden to eat insects of the earth according to the Hambali, Hanafi and Shafi'ee schools of thought. However, the Maliki school of thought states: "There is no disagreement regarding the prohibition of all that harms.  The prohibition of harmful insects is one ruling.  However, if a community is accustomed to eating insects and it does not harm them and they accept eating them and it is famous amongst them, then eating those insects is not forbidden."