About us


The National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT) formerly the (IHT) was formed and constituted in 1992. Since October 2000, the growth of the NIHT has been phenomenal. The NIHT aspires to the highest Halaal standards as prescribed by the Sharia (Islamic Law), these standards have been set up by Mufti's and various Ulema from across the Islamic ideological spectrum. Presently the NIHT has offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town and  has logistical basis in the Eastern Cape and Northern Cape.  


The NIHT is committed to:


  • Providing a workable and professional synergy between Ulema, businesses and Muslim consumer.
  • Providing a practical but professional service to the Ummah (Muslim consumer) guaranteeing the Ummah a Halaal end product.
  • Providing a professional Halaal Monitoring System on various products and ingredients.
  • Providing a better working relationship with other Halaal Certifying Authorities to eradicate confusion and double standards in the Halaal Food Industry culminating a truly National Halaal Certifying Forum.
  • Providing a coherent professional response to all Halaal queries and applications.
  • Creating a data base and website for all Halaal products and ingredients.
  • Taking firm action against establishments that transgress the Shariah.



  • Provides employment for approx. 145 personnel to maintain and supervise Non-Muslim Owned (NMO's) establishments that carry the NIHT certification.
  • Presently certifiying well over 600 establishments, viz: abattoirs, franchise food outlets, spice work and other businesses. 
  • Established a full time team of Halaal Inspectors countrywide to maintain NIHT Halaal Standards.
  • In conjunction with the National Association of Muslim Meat Traders (NAMMTRA) certifies in excess of 87% of the major abattoirs countrywide.
  • To eradicate insinuations of monetary gains from Halaal certification, the executive of NIHT & NAMMTRA offer its services gratis (free of charge) to the Trust.
  • The NIHT holds an executive post on the World Halal Council (WHC).


The NIHT have most of the mainstream Ulema from the Darul Ulooms, Sunni Jamiatul Ulema, Sunni Ulema Council, Madressas, Masjids and Islamic Institutes as well as ALL of the Muslim Meat Traders countrywide as affiliates.

The following Bonafides are affiliates to the NIHT: 


  • Ashrafiya Islamic Institute (DBN)
  • Cape Muslim Butchers Assoc. (Trust)
  • Darul Uloom Pretoria
  • Durban Muslim Meat Traders Assoc.
  • Jamia Razvia Masjid & Madressa
  • Kimberley Muslim Butchers Assoc.
  • Madressa Mohammadiya Qadriya
  • Northern Natal Muslim Meat Traders Assoc.
  • PMB Muslim Meat Traders Assoc.
  • PE & Uitenhage Muslim Meat Traders Assoc.
  • Pretoria Sunni Institute
  • Pretoria Islamic Educational Centre
  • Saaberie Chishty Society
  • Sunni Jamiatul Ulama
  • Sunni Ulama Council (KZN)
  • Sunni Ulama Council (Gauteng)
  • Soutul Islam
  • Witwatersrand Muslim Butchers Assoc.