After an in-depth audit of all ingredients used in the manufacture of the Snowflake Easy Mix Range of products, we are pleased to announce that they are Halaal compliant and have been certified as such by the National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT).

Future packaging will bear the NIHT Halaal logo, but until such time, the certified products can be identified by the Best Before Date starting from the 30th of March 2013. An earlier expiry date will indicate that the product was manufactured prior to Halaal certification.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.





Cash strapped South African Consumers are set to pay more for beef and chickens in the coming months, as prices rocket.  The price of beef has increased by 31.29% since March and does not seem like abating in the near future.  Input costs have trebled and a drop in production has seen a massive shortage of beef, painting a bleak future not only for consumers but producers and retailers of red meat, as well.  The weak rand has affected the importation of beef and chicken further pressurizing the local market.  There seems to be no one specific reason to the increase, however an increase in input, transport, wages and insurance costs, excabated  by the latest increase in the fuel price is going to make all consumers feel the pinch, especially consumers of the lower end of the market.  According to sources from the Feedlot Association and the Poultry Association, the high price of maize and the fact that South Africa is now importing rather than exporting maize is a major contributing factor to these price increases.  Data of the last 6 years has been analyzed by well known researcher, Prof. Daroom Hijaaz and he pessimistically stated, “Based on the calculations, prices are going north for a long period, unless there is a dramatic realignment of the major forces.”  This in the long term will affect the Consumer Price Index (CPI), putting pressure and increasing inflation which in turn will affect the entire economy and putting paid to growth prospects that may have been envisaged.

Chairman of the Witwatersrand Muslim Butchers Association (WMBA), Hafez Moorad Booley said, “The producer and retailer has absorbed price increases in the past but can no longer do so, especially since the massive increase in fuel and overhead costs.”

With the raining season approaching one can only hope that a good bumper crop of maize will assist in keeping prices down.  In the mean while the poor man in the street is going to have to bear the brunt of the price increases.  Local butchers and fast food vendors and franchises have all expressed their dismay at the rapid increase in the meat products, this in turn will have a major effect on profitability and sustainability since most of the franchises have fixed prices.  


Kindly be advised that Fouries Drift Abattoir situated in Fouries Drift Farm District, Heilbron is no longer certified Halaal by the WMBA/NIHT.