Kindly be advised that Fouries Drift Abattoir situated in Fouries Drift Farm District, Heilbron is no longer certified Halaal by the WMBA/NIHT.


The National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT) is proud to welcome Checotah Spur, situated at The Ridge Shopping Centre - ShallCross Durban to the NIHT Halaal Family.

For further infomation kindly contact the NIHT Durban Office on 031 207 7864 or the NIHT Head Office Johannesburg 011 854 4381.


Please be advised that KELLOGG'S CRUMBS are certified Halaal by the NIHT and do not contain any ingredient that would render it to be Haraam. Muslims are advised to disregard any claim to the contrary regarding this product. Do not hesitate to contact our offices should you require further information.