بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

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Foods of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ- Vinegar

Author: Faheema Mahomed Ali

Date: 19 October 2022

It is reported by Sayyidah Aisha that the Messenger of Allahﷺ said; “Vinegar is the best condiment.” [Ibn Majah].
Vinegar has been used as a preservative and flavour enhancer for many years. Vinegar can be made from a variety of fruit but it is most likely the Messenger of Allahﷺ had vinegar made from grapes or dates. In recent years it has been proven that vinegar contains potent bioactive compounds and components that are beneficial to human health.
Phenolic acids and vitamins found in vinegar contributes to its powerful antioxidant properties. This provides protection against oxidative stress and the development of chronic diseases, which are so prevalent today. These antioxidant compounds also provides protection against the growth of cancer cells.
Vinegar has strong anti-microbial properties. Its components such as acetic acid allows vinegar to act as a preservative and protect against foodborne pathogenic microorganisms. This also allows vinegar to be used a cleaning agent and disinfectant.
Vinegar, especially varieties like apple cider vinegar, have been found to have very effective antidiabetic action. In a 2004 scientific study, researchers have found that consumption of vinegar has improved insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetic patients and pre diabetic patients. The ability of vinegar to regulate blood glucose levels also allows it to be an effective aid in weight loss.
Vinegar also plays a significant part in preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases. A 2007 study on rats showed that acetic acid aided in the reduction of total serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Vinegar and its components also have antihypertensive properties and is very effective in regulating blood pressure. This proves that vinegar has the potential to prevent atherosclerosis and therefore protect cardiovascular health.
The various varieties of vinegar have multiple health benefits and is indeed a condiment we should all be adding to our diet.

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