بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


Author: NIHT Media

An article was released on Monday, 10 December 2012 by Wendy Knowler of Consumer Watch, wherein it has been alleged that sausages from a Muslim Butchery in Durban tested positive for pork DNA.

We were contacted by the butcher in question and were sent the test results provided by the laboratory that conducted the tests.

We in turn sent these results to the National Independent Halaal Trust Scientific Advisory Council (NIHTSAC), headed by Dr. Arshad Mather and Dr. Muhammed Sayed who posed a number of questions related to the test.

The response left a number of unanswered questions and by mutual agreement with Dr. Donna Cawthorn, the laboratory analyst, it was understood that the results are inconclusive. We quote Dr. Donna Cawthorn from her response to the NIHT: “ ………… in the analyst opinion it is unlikely that pork was added as (an) ingredient, but rather that contamination has taken place at some point. This needs to be investigated thoroughly before media statements are made”.

For reasons known only to THEMSELVES, CONSUMER WATCH, disregarded all suggestions and advice and has gone forward and publicly made unsubstantiated claims, this kind of behavior can only be construed as reckless and unethical.

The NIHT’s position is very clear and we state categorically that since the integrity and the legitimacy of the laboratory results are in question we will not comment / condemn based on the following facts.

The laboratory in question has not been accredited.
The test sample was not sealed in front of the manager / owner of the butcher, nor was a sealed sample left behind for later verification, as is the norm whilst conducting tests.
The results provided by the laboratory, show glaring inconsistency which needs clarification. (Whilst the results refer to no soya being detected, the butcher owner has admitted that he utilizes soya in the sausage product. This obviously questions the legitimacy and integrity of the results.)
No checks and balances were in place to prevent cross-contamination. We quote Dr. Donna Cawthorn: “Obviously there is always a chance that cross-contamination can take place, and the analyst acknowledges this and will retest once again to confirm the results.”
A request for a second sample to be tested independently or jointly has not been forthcoming.
A subsequent inspection at the said butcher showed all products to be totally Halaal compliant.
Since there was a great chance of cross-contamination between contact surfaces and other samples, which was admitted by the laboratory, we still await the results of the retested product.

In light of the above we urge the Muslim public to refrain from spreading malicious rumours and rather ascertain the complete facts.

Article first published: 12/12/2012

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